just some transaction info I need to pass on...

Since Laundro's down and I was stupid and didn't record any alternate contact info for anyone I'm in transactions with...

(If you're a user I'm referring to here please email me (iamyourvendetta AT gmail DOT com) and let me know you got it.)

girldownthestreet, where do I need to send the payment for the Champagne, Caramel and Peppermint UD powders?
hauwulli, the Adidas pants and Gap Heaven spray are going out in the mail this morning.
sweetlain, the Clinique Happy perfume and lotion are going out in the mail this morning.

I *think* that's it as far as Laundro transactions go...if I owe you something plmk as I don't have access to my transaction page (due to Laundro being down)...

And just a random question, what's causing Laundro to be down, and how long will it be down for? (I miss Laundro.)

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I just got a fanie international gift certificate for $75 dollars. And, I really don't want it or products from there. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who'd exchange me $75 dollars cash for it? It's an e-certificate w/a code, orders over $50 get you free shipping, so should be free. I also have a paper version of the certificate (not good for offline stores) still only good for the website. I accept PayPal, MO, and Cash (ayor). I'd prefer to be paid and then I will send you the certificate. I am a laundro member if you want to do the exchange over there, right now it's down, that's why I am on LJ. If you know anywhere else I could post this or someone who might want this certificate, LMK.

/vent mode

Okay so like here's something not cool. Its been bugging me so I thought I'd share/bitch about it some more. I have been getting a TON of PMs asking about why this happened as well so I thought I'd explain the "insodent" here. So, it goes like this:

So I am minding my own business, when I see that Bre messaged me with something important.

She told me that I needed to change my avatar because several people complained. She didn't tell me who but said it was because there is a young crowd here. I don't blame her, obviously she is just doing what she thinks is the best way to fix the situation. She said it would be fine if she didn't have a 'choke ball' in her mouth because that just sets its over the top.

The thing that irked me though was that these compliants didn't come from whoever said them. Like nobody messaged me and said, "hey you know i'm kinda offended with your avatar, would you mind changing it?"
I kinda feel like who ever did this sorta went behind my back to "REPORT" me, you know? Thats not cool. What kind of kindergarden shit is this? Its like TEAACHEEEEER!!!!!!!!! HE'S LOOKING AT ME!!!!!! WAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Give me a break.

Not to mention the fact I've been on here for a while and i've seen lots of avatars and sigs of similar or worse nature. Everyone has SWEAR WORDS in their sigs or on avatars, i've seen ones of slit wrists, someone has a body covered in blood, theres nudity, etc. Ajay told me there was an avatar of someone blowing their head off with a gun and it said something like "you like that, bitch?" Nobody said anything about that. I am just saying this to point out that if there is infact some type of strict rule, its certainly not enforced. So what it appears to be is that everything is cool unless someone says something about it? I'm hoping someone in this who is a mod can fill me in on this.

Personally, I don't give a rat's behind about what people have on their avatars. Unless it was like "SLAVIC GIRLS ARE UGLY" or something that would *personally* offend me.
However, even if something seriously DID bother me for a legitimate reason, I would certainly contact the person FIRST before tattling on them! Reporting to a mod is something I think would be done if you have contacted the person and lets say they say "NO, I'M NOT CHANGING THIS, SO FUCK YOURSELF."

You have probably noticed my NEW avatar by now. I chose to put it up to remind people that next time they have a problem with me, its perfectly fine to address ME about it first. I don't appreciate this behind my back shit when I don't even know I am doing anything wrong.

I may be overreacting about all this, but it really came as a shock to me. I've been on this board for a good while and have never caused any trouble. I dunno what the hell is going on anymore though. I just feel like I was being made to feel guilty and wrong about something I didn't even notice was taboo. I'm embarassed and irritated. This is innocent shame.

/end vent

And now to leave you with something positive: I bought chocolate ground coffee from Hershey Park on Sunday...And it is sooooooo good. I'm going to go have sex with the coffee grounds now. Later! :)
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HI! I used to be jewleia on lj, and I still am jewleia on laundro. Im bored so chocotat gave me idea to post music list because palmer did! yay.

i have all my music loaded into player. so these are just some people im diggin a lot lately:

bob dylan
the darkness
ani difranco
grateful dead
postal service
bonfire madigan
dave matthews band
dresden dolls
janis joplin
joni mitchell
no doubt

the end.
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Just curious how everything is going for everyone. I'll start.

I'm at Seattle University. Living in the dorms. My roomie is cool. My classes are interesting although boring at times. (Faith and Morality, Intro to Philosophy, Origins of Western Civilization)

I'm making friends like crazy. They're super cool. Food = not so good. And seattle, everything is pretty much 21+ which bites, but we're still looking.

Now you tell me.